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Note :: The login credentials works from white-listed IP only. If you wish to access the site, please drop a mail to smssupport[AT]nic[dot]in copy marked to your NIC coordinator and mentioning the account and SMS details and the IP from which you wish to access the site.

Services ::

NIC sms gateways have been established since 2010. SMS gateway provides various services to government departments like SMS Push, SMS Pull, Email to SMS, state wise VMN etc. NIC SMS gateway has the capability of handling SMS traffic of up to 5 crore in a day. To know more about the services,

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NIC SMS Gateway enables government departments to integrate and send the citizen centric SMS to Indian nationals. To achieve this, NIC SMS gateway provides many tools/user guides which is downloadable in nature and provide support for integration code using various languages like java, .net, open source like php and manuals